About WorshipLeads.com


What is our Mission?
To be the greatest resource for churches in locating short, mid and long-term worship leaders, instrumentalists and vocalists.

What is our Purpose for Churches?
To provide churches with connections to worship leaders, instrumentalists and vocalists.  Here are just a few scenarios where we can help:
   -  Your worship leader has resigned and you are looking for someone to help lead worship until a
      more permanent person is identified
   -  You are looking for a new part-time or full-time worship leader.
   -  You are in need of specific instrumentalists for your worship team.
   -  You are looking for various vocalists to sing on your worship team or in your choir.
   -  Your church is hosting a special event (Christmas, Easter, etc.) and can use some additional help.

What is our Purpose for Worship Personnel?
To offer worship leaders and worship team members resources to help churches in need.  The following are some scenarios where we can help:
   -  You are looking for a church to join.
   -  You are currently involved in a worship team but can help occasionally at other churches.
   -  You are looking for a place to use your worship and musical talents to serve.
   -  You are willing to occasionally play or sing at other churches.

Whether you are in urgent need of a worship leader / worship team member or looking for a more permanent position to fill, we are here to help.